The Excellence of Made in Italy Event

Excellence should no be a rarity but a habit, which is why the first edition of the food and wine festival organized by the Casa Madre was born on 17-18-19 September at the Afragola pole. Three days which, as per the premise, took place under the banner of tasting the excellent products we promote, which affirm Casa Madre as a consolidated reality in the area. 

Numerous partners have contributed to making the fair a real Gotha of food and wine excellence: starting from the aged cheeses of Carmasciando Irpinia, passing through the Raspini sausages, Michele Fiorentino’s EVO oil, to the Delite cellars , Altavigna and Felace. To accompany the food and wine journey certainly could not miss the excellent music.

 In fact, added value to the fair were the performances of the engaging cover bands who performed during the evenings, Toledo Pino Daniele cover band, Queen of Bulsara and Vascover. An extraordinary experience that has won and convinced! Over 1000 guests attended the fair enjoying the national and world excellence of Casa Madre Italia. Stay connected and keep following us for all the news and we look forward to seeing you at the next one..